Home Automation: Top 6 Devices for Your New Smart Home

We are in the “smart” revolution. From mobile phones to hands free internet searching, it seems that there are new devices popping up everywhere to make our lives easier. AB Masonry is the top-rated contractors for hardscaping.Get the help you need on your finances by hiring Accountant, Queens. The same is true for the home. Have you ever thought of turning your home into a smart home? Are you hosting a party and need a tent? Wouldn’t it be easy to be able to switch off the lights you left on in your bedroom even after you’ve gone to work? Just got a new home and looking to remodel your kitchen? How cool would it be to turn on the air conditioning on before you get home from running errands on a hot summer day? Nowadays you can even monitor your children from miles away, control your home security devices from a friend’s party, or unlock the door for a friend even when you aren’t at the house. Welcome to the future of home automation westhampton by checking out these top gadgets that will help your home become smarter.

1. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
When it comes to protecting your family, pets, and possessions, reliability and reputable names stand out as critical features. You need to make sure that you check for fire extinguisher for sale nyc to help protect your home from fires and fire damage. Look no further for a Nassau County basement waterproofing contractor near you. Boccia Bros are the top rated waterproofing company near you. Also, home automation products in this category that look impressive and can even speak to you with a friendly voice, but for a capability this important, it is important to find devices that are trouble-free and inexpensive enough to allow purchasing several for your Home Remodeler Long Island.

2. Water and Flood Sensor
Although not as devastating as nyc fire suppression, a burst water heater or kitchen pipe can cause a fair amount of damage to your flooring, walls, and furnishings. For those in condominiums and townhomes, there also may be liability concerns as well.  Get your fireplace repaired today by Ageless Chimney near Queens. Customer satisfaction gauranteed. As a minimum, install water sensors at your water heater and under your kitchen sink for the best bang for the buck protection. Check with your insurance company to find out if they offer discounts or credits for installing leak detection devices.

3. Light Control Switches and Dimmers
The usefulness of remotely controllable switches is about as limitless as the varieties of switches that are available. Program your outside lights to turn on and off while you’re away to give the appearance that you are home. Turn your porch lights on before heading home after dark. Add a remote dimmer to your inside hall lights and program them to turn on as a nightlight in the evening for added safety and security.

4. Energy Monitoring Switch
In addition to allowing you to control power to your appliances and devices via timers and remotes, by having at least one portable energy monitoring switch in your home, you can gain an understanding of how much energy your devices are using. Is your refrigerator energy-efficient compared to the latest models? Is your old cable modem an energy drainer? An energy monitoring switch will have the answers.

5. Smart Home Thermostat
Programmable thermostats have been around for decades, and even the simplest of these devices have served the needs of most users. Now, with the built in capabilities of some thermostats, it is possible to boost the performance and energy efficiency of your home HVAC system to a new level. Adjust your home temperature to account for the effects of humidity or outside temperature. Set up a rule to adjust your temperature or send a notification reminder to open your doors and windows if the outside air is at a more comfortable temperature than the inside.

6. Smart Home Hub Monitor
If you are interested in truly smartening up your home with some or all of our home automation hamptons devices, you may want to invest in a smart home hub. You will be able to monitor and control all of your devices from one location. Think of it as one of those old school universal remotes for your television. Some of the criteria you would want to look for in this device are:

  • Multiple network support
  • Ability to operate standalone without an internet connection
  • No monthly fees

It is truly the age of smart device technology if devices such as these are available. If you have any questions about turning your house into a home of the future, contact the staff at sag harbor home automation to get started on purchasing and installing your new devices today.